Pasithea available

Osmani Baullosa
Sat, 03 Dec 2005 14:18:06 PST
Dear Mary Sue and all,
  I've taken the species name and family (Pasithea coerulea, Anthericaceae-Liliaceae) from all the bibliography available in Chile. In all those sources the name coincides. Now, I'm also starting to doubt.
  By the way, Pasithea c. is one of the most widespread Chilean bulbous species. You can find it from coastal zones to altitudes higher than 2.000 meters above sea level. It grows even in the Desert of Atacama. 
  From today, saturday, I have seeds of Pasithea (hardy populations) available. Anyone interested? This species is on my list too.  

Arnold Trachtenberg <> wrote:
  Kubitzki lists it as Pasithea coerulea Ruiz & Pav. one species from Chile.

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