Crocus predators

Wed, 21 Dec 2005 14:14:16 PST
--- Merrill Jensen <> wrote:
> If it is not one thing, it's another.  Try dealing
> with grazing/stomping
> moose like my college friend has to do in Anchorage,
> AK.  At least I'm
> bigger than a cat and can scare them off without a
> lot of effort...

i think in another list, we had a south african lady
complaining about elephants chomping on her prized
succulents (Cyphostemmas).    heck, i won't feel sorry
for her, if she lives near elephants, she must have
quite some beautiful views and nature around, so i
think she's luckier than most of us.

but hey, having suffered through predations of evil,
malevolent squirrels in brooklyn (NY) for years , i'll
take elephants any day.   elephants can't climb up my
firescape and destroy my plants like the evil furry

i just would like to know why people think nothing of
poisoning, beating or stomping to death rats and mice,
yet get all worked up about doing the same to
squirrels.  i once thought of buying poison and went
into a hardware store to inquire about that.  the
worker there was aghast when i said it was for
squirrels, and said "oh, why?  they are so cute."  and
this is a guy selling rat poison?????  you mean, rats
have no feelings?  i never bought the poison though. 
most of the time i just want to shoot them and make
kebabs of them. 

tsuh yang in NY (in day 2 of the transit strike)

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