Seed request

Laura & Dave
Fri, 30 Dec 2005 11:44:14 PST
Hi Dell,

I must be nuts, but here is the list of seed I'd like to try.  I'm not all that 
fussy about which lot for each species I receive seed from, since I don't know 
where most of these places are anyway.  I'm more concerned with avoiding desert 
growers, and selecting those accessions that might take to the Pacific Northwest 
   I'm glad to see that you had a lot of offers for help.  This sure seems to be 
a great group of people!  Please let me know when you ship the Lily seed, so 
that I can be on the lookout for it!

Thanks again,
   Happy New Year!

     campanulatum            Mormon Emigrant Trail           8/4/91
     campanulatum (pink)     Harn Station                    8/4/91
     validum                 Sayles Flat                     9/27/91

     californica     LaPorte Rd above Challenge              9/28/91
     californica     Marysville Rd west of Oregon House      7/23/93
     elegans         Nr Blocksburg                           9/4/93
     elegans         Chinese Camp                            7/8/89
     purdeyi         Hwy 36 27.00                            7/6/93

     albus (Sierra)  Concow, Deadwood, Jordan Hill           6/3/93
     albus (dwarf)   Arroyo de la Cruz                       6/27/93
     albus           Alpine Rd                               7/5/98
     amabilis        Guenoc                                  6/30/95
     amabilis        Aquilegia Hollow Bartlett Spr. Rd       6/18/93
     argillosus      Croy Rd                                 6/16/92
     tolmeii         Eight Dollar Rd                         6/8/91
     tolmeii         Ingot                                   5/22/92
     uniflorus       Gun Club                        6/17 &  6/23/91
     venustus 2-spot Hwy 33 above Ozena                      8/11/91
     venustus        Shaver Lake Exxon                       8/13/93

     clevelandii     Fig/Dash Bifl spot #1   6/17/95

     multiflorum     Cove Rd         7/14/95
     multiflorum     Emigrant Gap    7/9/89
     volubile        Big Creek       9/1/95

     agrestis        Livermore       5/20/89
     purdeyii        Walker Ridge    6/18/93
     purdeyi         Snell Valley    5/14/93
     recurva         Seiad CNG 7.5   7/2/89

     hartwegii       Big Creek Rd            8/10/91
     bracteata       Twin Pines              7/26/91
     macrosiphon     Shingletown area        7/14/91

     humboldtii      Brownsville Cemetry                     1992
     humboldtii      Ponderosa Pines S of Grass Valley       9/28/91
     kelloggii       Kneeland Rd                             9/23/93
     kellogii        French Camp Ridge                       9/26/91
     maritimum       Upper Kruse/Moonrock                    9/11/89
     rubescens       Onion Mtn                               9/22/90
     vollmeri        Vollmeri gulch                          9/2/90
     vollmeri        Old Gasquet  (Volmerii creek)           9/19/92
     washingtonianum purp    Selma, OR                        -
     wigginsii       Bean's Camp                             9/21/91

     bridgesii               Bear Creek                      7/17/93
     ixiodes spp. analina    Dinky Creek Rd                  8/10/91
     ixiodes spp. analina    Upper Stump Springs (2 packs)   1995
     ixiodes spp. ixiodes    Oab Hgab Jabfrb                 7z9z93
     laxa                    Walker Ridge                    6/27/91

     paniculatus (Camus)     Mt Peavine      8/16/89

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