Manfreda virginica, ho ho ho!!

Dennis Kramb
Sun, 25 Dec 2005 09:54:02 PST
The plants of Manfreda virginica growing in my garden come from NARGS seed 
exchange (ex: wild collected, W. Madison Co., AR).

Yesterday I got an early Christmas present of seeds from plants growing at 
a local nursery which are themselves from one of the only wild populations 
here in Ohio in Adams County.  (I posted several photos of these plants to 
the wiki a few months ago.)

Anyway, I am really happy to have the local material now.  I noticed that 
my Arkansas plant foliage has already turned to mush from the winter 
weather.  The Ohio plants were still in relatively good shape, showing 
little winter damage.

Also, one of the plants at the nursery apparently tried to bloom in fall 
rather than at the normal time in spring.  Is this normal behavior?  The 
bloom stalk was 4 feet tall and filled with frozen (and wilted) 
flowers.  Quite pretty, actually!  :-)

Dennis in Cincy

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