Special New Year's Offer from the PBS BX

Dell Sherk dells@voicenet.com
Wed, 28 Dec 2005 05:08:33 PST
Dear All,

    Our member Nancy Gilbert of Far West Bulb Farm has donated an impressive
list of seed of native American geophytes. Much of this seed came originally
from Jim and Georgie Robinett  when they closed their business some years
ago. All has been frozen, some since 1989. Germination cannot, therefore, be
guaranteed, but past experience teaches that many of these species' seeds
(Lilium, Brodiaea, Triteleia, and Calochortus, e.g.) are still viable after
at least ten years in the freezer. So we are offering the seed in generous
packets (depending on supply) at $.75 apiece to those who would like to
experiment with it. Seed should be sown heavily as soon as possible.

    The list is quite long, so I am not posting it on the forum. If you
think you would be interested in seeing it, please contact me privately, and
I will send it as an attachment.

Happy New Year!

--Dell Sherk, Director, Pacific BX

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