Lachenalia Cold tolerance

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 08 Dec 2005 19:03:44 PST
Dear Jim,

 From our list in 2003 Don Journet who was then growing 90 species, 
cultivars, etc. in Australia wrote: "I grow Lachenalia outdoors in southern 
Australia in an area which seems
to compare with your zone 9. We experience 15 deg. C frost and provided I give
some overhead protection using tree cover they seem to grow well. I believe
several species experience frosts in their homeland." My experience with 
Lachenalias in a raised bed when we had an unusual Arctic cold spell when 
temperatures got down to 19 degrees F. was that they turned to mush and 
most of them did not come back in subsequent years. These were in the 
ground so to speak instead of pots which you think might have helped some, 
but did not have overhead protection. For several days afterwards the 
temperatures remained in the 40ties (F.) during the day, also very unusual 
for here. Some other South African bulbs in the same place put out new 
leaves a month or so later, but not the Lachenalias. I think it wise to 
wait to put them to the test when you have extras you don't mind losing.

Mary Sue

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