delphinium nudicaule (BX 110)

Linda Foulis
Wed, 07 Dec 2005 18:20:52 PST
Mary Sue,
Delphinium nudicaule is quite hardy in my zone 3 garden.  I find it improves
with age.  I get blooms first year from seed but sparse.  Second year and on
it really performs.
Wonderful little delphinium.

I'm hoping someone will offer up some of the delph luteum seeds, that is one
I would like to try.
Also would the d. semibarbatum or zalil be found in this bulbous / tuberous
class?  From what I understand this is the same plant?  Mine (purchased as
zalil) has over wintered 2 years, but I'm not sure that it has survived our
move, spring will tell.

Linda Foulis
Okotoks, AB

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