new pictures

Hans und Babs Joschko
Tue, 27 Dec 2005 01:22:53 PST
Hi all ,

Here are some new pictures ,
Susan whas so nice to help me to add this pics .

To the pics :…
I found just one plant of this typ in a large population of Cyc.
purpurascens in the french alps (Savoyen) - in the background Mt. Blanc…
I have two of this really rare plants - and I hope for a
good multiplication in future.…
Plants from different locations grow in my garden without any problems :
Lake Lugano ( Italy )
Lake Garda ( Italy )
Woods near Vienna ( Austria )
Savoyen ( France )
Istria ( Croatia )
Lake Plitvice ( Croatia )…

This plants I found on my hiking trips in the mountains of Corsica in May-
June , they grow on rocky slopes ,the soil is not calcy ( ph 5.0 ),the
altitude was 800m.…

It is not easy for me to bring this plants in flower - but if they do they
look really beautiful.…

I sent pictures of cutting flowers earlier this years -here are the photos
of the flowering plants.
G. Roitman thinks it is Z. mesochloa - but A.Castillo thinks it could be
another, maybe new species - because Z. mesochloa is a lowland plant and
these plants were found on an altitude of 1100 m .

I hope all enjoy these pictures !
Many greetings from Germany and my best wishes to all for a Happy New Year !

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