Crocus predators

Merrill Jensen
Wed, 21 Dec 2005 14:46:01 PST
The secret is to ask for poison for "arboreal rats" and then no one is the
Squirrels also make a tasty stew.  At my previous public garden, deer were
the nemesis of all. We would always suggest that we make venison jerky out
of them, sell it in the gift shop and make money to replace everything that
they had damaged...  There were never any takers on the Board.  The 'Bambi
Syndrome' was too powerful...

Merrill in Palo Alto, on the receiving end of a stream of moisture from

i just would like to know why people think nothing of
poisoning, beating or stomping to death rats and mice,
yet get all worked up about doing the same to
squirrels.  i once thought of buying poison and went
into a hardware store to inquire about that.  the
worker there was aghast when i said it was for
squirrels, and said "oh, why?  they are so cute."  and
this is a guy selling rat poison?????  you mean, rats
have no feelings?  i never bought the poison though. 
most of the time i just want to shoot them and make
kebabs of them. 

tsuh yang in NY (in day 2 of the transit strike)

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