Robert Hamilton
Tue, 06 Dec 2005 16:10:48 PST
Hi  Mary-Sue  and Jamus,

I have had  reasonably  good  germination   with a number of  
Tropaeolum species after  autumn sowing with seedlings appearing   from 
late  winter   .

I have  even had  success  with  T azureum  which  flowered   over the 
last  couple of  years  then sulked after  repotting this  year. T  
brachycerus   performed at  its  best   in the  year of  germination 
but  has put on much  lesser  floral displays   in the  subsequent two 
years. I  have a  single  flower on T sessiliflorum at  present which 
is a  first. Several other  species  are yet to bloom.

T tricolor  seems  to  be the most  reliable  performer for  me.

I  grow them  all within my shadehouse  which  has  lattice  walls  for 
   climbers  to grow on.  I have them  all in pots  at  this  stage but 
wonder if they   may  perform better in ground.


Rob  in Tasmania
Zone   9  equivalent

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