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Thu, 15 Dec 2005 09:53:11 PST
hi leo,

--- "Leo A. Martin" <leo@possi.org> wrote:
> I think sweet potatoes (originally African, I think)
> need a long season to
> bloom. I haven't grown the ornamental ones so I
> don't know about them
> blooming.

i think you are right, the ornamental sweet potatoes
grown for foliage never seem to bloom, at least not in
all the baskets and planters you see in the streets,
since our season seems to be too short for them.

> The unusual tuberous ones bloom reliably for my
> friends in the Henry Shaw
> Cactus Society in St Louis, Missouri. There are a
> lot of African species
> like I. holubii and I. bolusii that bloom with the
> first growth in the
> spring. Others need to have a fair amount of top
> growth before blooming.

i believe holubii and bolusii are synonimous. 
sometimes lsited as being in the genus Turbina.  i
have one but unfort. it hasn't bloomed.  for those
that don't know, this species produces very nice above
ground spherical caudices.  



other highly sought species by the succulent growers
include cairica, lapathifolia and stuhlmanni. 

tsuh yang

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