Lycoris radiata bulbs, free for postage
Sun, 25 Dec 2005 13:27:47 PST
Hi Gang,

I've got 100 or more L. radiata bulbs (red spider lily) that have been given 
to me.

They have been out of the ground for about 6 months and are making roots and 
leaves.  They want to get into the ground, and the leaves are yellow (not 
light).  However, the bulbs are firm and viable.  All of them seem to be 
blooming-size bulbs or near-blooming-size.  They are in the garage and cool weather is 
helping to keep them viable, but I need to "move 'em out."  

I'm happy to give them away but have to limit this offer to the Continental 
USA due to postage costs and regulations of various countries.  

I'll send you 6-8 bulbs if you send me a $3.95 Post Office stamp (Priority 
Mail, 1 lb), as well as your address.  Please write to me and I'll hold bulbs, 
but I've sure got a lot of them; they increase like weeds in certain parts of 
East Texas.  

Write to me privately if you want bulbs.


Conroe Joe 

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