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Susan Hayek susanann@sbcglobal.net
Mon, 19 Dec 2005 10:51:09 PST
Hi everyone!

I received this message this morning and I'm forwarding it onto the group.
Please respond to him privately if you want to exchange.


>From: Tarcísio <eduardo@furb.br>
>To: <susanann@sbcglobal.net>
>Subject: Scilla and Bomarea
>Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 15:14:28 -0200
>Dear Susan Hayek,
>I am biologist, work in the University of 
>Blumenau, South of Brazil, I I study and culture 
>plants, especially amaryllidaceae.  Also, 
>bromeliaceae, araceae, hyacinthaceae and 
>I read the messages postadas in the PBS, almost 
>every day.  Times behind, called me the 
>attention when you mentioned Scilla hughii, 
>later Angelo Porcelli it answered...  Today, I 
>saw that you affixed photos of this plant on the 
>Later you it affixed photos of Bomarea...
>I very am interested in these plants. I would 
>like to know if you possess seeds and if 
>you would have interest in interchanging or same 
>to negotiate some seeds of them.
>I have some fresh seeds of Crinum scabrum, 
>Hippeastrum striatum and Hippeastrum petiolatum 
>to send.
>In January/2006, I will have seeds of Bomarea 
>edulis, Crinum erubescens, Habranthus robustus 
>and Zephyranthes sp."Itajaí " (all native plants 
>of my region), to send.
>I will wait its reply.
>Best regards,
>Tarcísio Eduardo Raduenz
>Blumenau - Santa Catarina State - South of Brazil

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