request for help,
Sat, 17 Dec 2005 17:26:28 PST
Hi Gang,

I have a request for help.  I'm filling out the species and hybrid pages for 
"Crinums in East Texas:  Notes from Marcelle Sheppard."  

As you all know the genus is confusing sometimes.  Therefore, I'd like to 
provide information where it is relevant, especially for species that have 
controversies and confusion.  I am unable to resolve such controversies, but would 
like to check the various relevant publications.

Therefore, I wonder if anyone can tell me (in a nutshell) or Xerox for me an 
older publication.  The precise publication is "Bundrandt L.A. 1984. Crinum 
submersum Herbert and Its Look-Alike. Herbertia 40: 97-102."  

I'm putting C. submersum up on the Web page and would appreciate any 
information regarding this enigmatic plant.  


Conroe Joe
(Joe Shaw, Conroe TX)
Cool nights lately near freezing but a bit above, some drizzle and rain in 
the past week.  Cloudy skies, no sun, and all the Crinum have lost their leaves 
except C. bulbisperumum types.  

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