How to extract colchicine

Pacific Rim
Mon, 19 Dec 2005 14:04:03 PST
As you know, colchicine is an alkaloid that is used (among other things) to 
induce polyploidy in plants.

I have an inquiry about extracting colchicine from Colchicum autumnale.
Can anyone suggest a how-to description online? I have the impression that 
extraction might not be so easy, or so safe, as my correspondent hopes.

<I am a biology student in Turkey and I am doing an experiment about
mutation in angiosperms. As you know, colchicine is a strong mutagen
and it is found in Colchicium autumnale which you seem to be selling.
I have a strong passion for flowers so I want to grow my own
Colchicium and extract colchicine rather than finding it's in chemical
form. What do you recommend for this purpose, do you think it will be
convenient? >

Paige Woodward

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