Crocus predators

Carol Jensen
Wed, 14 Dec 2005 02:40:32 PST
At 01:39 14-12-2005, you wrote:
>Speaking of mice and mouse-like objects, has anyone had problems with them 
>in a greenhouse? I have a delapidated structure in which I over-winter a 
>large collection of cactii and succulents (don't ask why I have these I 
>don't know the answer) and amaryllis and I am having the devil's own time 
>with something that is digging in the pots and eating the roots. I find 
>the plant lying beside the pot, rootless, and all the soil pushed out of 
>the pot. There is always open water in the buckets for the chickens so it 
>can't be looking for a drink.
>I am trying mothballs. So far the main effect is that the chickens, in the 
>adjacent hen pavilion, are laying mothball-scented eggs.  :)
>Lis Allison, Carp, Ontario, Canada, -20C tonight and colder tomorrow
If the hens  can get into the greenhouse, then it may be them. I am wondering how your fragile plants can overwinter in a cold and dilapidated greenhouse? None of mine would live in mine, and winters are rather nice in Denmark. Doesn't it freeze in your greenhouse?


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