Lachenalia growing conditions!

Carol Jensen
Tue, 06 Dec 2005 04:51:55 PST
At 06:34 06-12-2005, you wrote:
>Hi Jim and all
>   I just finished building a cold frame that is attached to the south side of 
>the house, and has one of the house windows opening into it. I can regulate the 
>temperature of the cold frame simply by incrementally opening and closing the 
>   Dave Brastow
>   Tumwater, Washington (USA)  zone 7A

Hi Dave,

Obviously, an American cold frame is not at all the same as a European cold frame! Ours are on the ground, one board to hold up the glass (not higher than one board, that is.) They are mostly used in the spring to germinate stuff like cabbage plants.

I am curious - could you give a description of yours? Sounds to me more like a lean-to greenhouse...


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