relocating squirrels

Arnold Trachtenberg
Fri, 16 Dec 2005 18:01:24 PST
      Mary Sue;

I did a search on the net and found a number of references on relocating 
squirrels. I have posted one source below.


      Relocating Squirrels

Many people decide that they just can’t live with the squirrels. The 
squirrels may be doing too much damage to electrical wiring, in the 
garden, or to human structures. Squirrels can be live trapped. Be sure 
to check with your state agencies for any regulations that may apply to 
trapping animals.

Squirrels have to be transported at least a few miles (five is 
considered safe) away, or they may find their way back home. One problem 
with relocating is that if the squirrel is relocated to an already 
populated area, the newcomer may create a disruption. The disruption 
could cause the relocated squirrel to be driven out of the area by more 
aggressive squirrels or be the cause of existing squirrels being driven 
out. This can result in either one being homeless and without adequate 
food source. Some squirrels have been known to be traumatized to the 
point of death during transportation. If squirrels are removed from an 
area, it usually creates a vacuum that is filled eventually by more 

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