Squirrel death

Lis Allison garden@pine-ridge.ca
Sat, 17 Dec 2005 06:13:40 PST
Hello all,

A local nursery man just sent an email around to his customers mentioning 
a tip someone gave him about getting rid of squirrels and groundhogs. The 
tip is: used kitty litter. Just pour some well-used kitty litter into the 
burrow, and apparently the 'hog' will move house. 

Since most of their digging seems to be near their burrows, I am going to 
try this next summer and hopefully get the critters to move out of my 
actual garden. The chipmunks particularly cause trouble in my woods 
garden - burrows everwhere and anything tasty nipped literally in the bud 
if I don't keep the bird feeders full. 

Wonder if kitty litter will chase deer away. I might need quite a few 

Lis Allison, Carp, Ontario, Canada, cold and sunny today

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