New Member
Mon, 05 Dec 2005 19:27:11 PST
Hi pbs'ers,

I'm Jamus, from Adelaide Australia. I am a dedicated plant collector with a 4 year old garden in the Adelaide hills. Our climate is fairly mild, we occasionally get frosts where I am but rarely, and summers are hot and dry, around 35 degree celsius is not uncommon and can go to 40 degrees or more on occasion. We get an average rainfall of 500 - 600mm pa. most of this during winter, so watering is important in the summer months.

I collect various rare and unusual perennials and bulbs and have a particular interest in ethnobotanicals, i.e. herbs, spices, medicinals, fibre plants, dye plants, and so on.

I'm hoping to meet like minded people and perhaps trade with them seed and plants where possible. Always looking for new and interesting things to add to the collection.

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