Crinum bulbispermum Jumbos

James Waddick
Mon, 19 Dec 2005 06:34:00 PST
Conversations with Marcelle helped me understand more about these durable and
beautiful hybrids.  There is no single "Jumbo" hybrid.  Jumbo refers 
to a line of
hybrids, a collection of related plants.

Dear Joe and All;
	I am very glad to see that Ms. Sheppard has been working on 
these hybrids. I've grown C. bulbispermum 'Jumbo' from her from years 
and they are as you describe. Individual plants are huge and very 
hardy here surviving with little special protection. One of about a 
dozen has ever produced a single offset, but seedlings are easy to 
come by and have been distributed through thePBS BX.
	Honestly I am not very interested in green flowers, but am 
curious if her improved strains
	1.  Opening nearly white and during (?) dark rose on day two.
	2.  Deep burgundy flowers with a chamois leather type look (not feel)

	are available now.

	This is a Crinum I recommend to all in cooler climates.

	Nice to hear this news. Thanks.		Jim W.
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