Tropaeolum/ Ornithogalum dormancy

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 16:45:24 PST
Dear Uli,

It sounds like you and I are having the same problem. T. brachyceras hasn't 
reappeared since the first year where it grew outside and bloomed. I was 
hoping maybe if they were kept warm in summer I could change that but it 
sounds like those are the conditions yours have.

One year I soaked my Ornithogalum bulbs in kelp and some of them came up. I 
had forgotten I tried that until Rachel reminded me. Ornithogalum dubium is 
so gorgeous when it blooms that I keep giving my dormant pots one more 
chance. A few bulbs are coming up this year, but so far only one in many 
pots. As long as that one blooms however I'll be happy.

I bought a bunch very cheaply one year at a chain garden store and they all 
did great. What do you suppose sellers do to them to make them bloom? I 
have Albucas (now Ornithogalums) who also stay under ground and Lapeirousia 
and Moraeas often sit out the year. Cyanella is another one that is 
temperamental. After a couple of years you decide to throw them out and 
when you dump the pot out they are there looking just fine.

Mary Sue

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