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Ann Marie
Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:16:54 PST
I have always kept these bulbs in the ground only taking them up because someone wants them.  They bloom every year with no problems.  I live inland in Zone 21 per Sunset book of Southern California.

Cynthia Mueller <> wrote:
Mary Sue said, " Cynthia, perhaps you should save yourself the effort
and leave 
yours in the ground this year and report back what happens the
following year."

I did leave my Scilla peruviana in the ground for 2-3 years, but then
took it up for the last several years. When in the ground it skipped a
season or two, hasn't done this since it was baked in the garage. One
year it sat on a cardboard beerbox lid in a closet in the house - so
that it would not get too hot - and flowered the next season. I was
trying to see what might kill off the stimulus for flower stalks to form
- too much heat, or too much dryness. My main bulb is made up of what I
suppose are individual offsets fused together into a mass the size of a
dinner plate.

Alberto was commenting that the roots should be permanent on this
species, and having to make them over again is a lot of unnecessary work
for the plant. Roots are still there when I take the plants up, then
dry up while they are resting. I'll report back next year!

Cynthia Mueller
College Station, TX
Zone 8b-9
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Ann Marie 

So. California, San Gabriel Valley, Zone 21 (Sunset Western Garden book) , influenced by both marine and interior air(Santa Ana winds). This makes it perfect for Citrus trees and most So African plants. I collect belladonnas, oxalis, criniums, amaryllis, palms, epiphyllums, succulents and other south african bulbs.  For home and garden sculptures go to  

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