Drainage in tree pots

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>I attended the NORCAL Show last month and was impressed by the pots in a
>small booth.  They are called 'airpots'.  I would think many of you would 
>interested in these for better root growth, drainage, aeration, etc.
>Unfortunately these people are not big on marketing skills yet.  I 
>their location and scanned through the book listing vendors by booth # to
>find them, not easy, called them this morning to find more info.
>You can go to http://www.superoots.com/ and it will show the pots.  Click on
>distributors and you can find a distributor's list by country.
>The prices there are listed by British lbs.  The comparable US prices are 
>a seedling size pot, 50 cents' 1 1/2 gal pot is $1.72 and I think a 3 
>pot was $2.76, just to give an idea of cost.
>Carolyn Craft

Dear Carolyn:
                 the concept of "air pruning" is common in the tree 
production industry. Many kinds of trees develope a main vertical root that 
stops the growth of the plant when allowed to curl around the bottom of 
common pots. This special pots (of which there are several models and 
shapes, not only this) let air kills the tip of this main root and as a 
result secondary roots take its place until air pruned (killed by 
dehydration) and then smaller roots  develop until air purned and on and on 
and on.
Bulbs do not have this problem and their roots are fleshy and tolerate being 
crowded in the confinement of small pot.
By now it would be useful to read a superb article by Mary Sue Ittner in the 
IBSA  Bulletin. As a conclusion having Bob Rutmoeller and a pair of scissors 
handy can make you save lots of money!.
All the best

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