Oxalis inaequalis and Moraea elegans

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 21 Feb 2005 08:30:31 PST
Dear Liz & All,

I've grown Oxalis inaequalis from Telos too and was amazed at how such a 
tiny plant could produce such a large flower. This species has not been one 
that has increased for me just going to show how they all aren't weedy. In 
fact each year I had fewer and I think it's gone now so will be interested 
in hearing how yours does.

A surprising discovery for me this week in a very deep pot of Oxalis hirta 
(no longer blooming, but leaves are still green) was a Moraea elegans, syn. 
Homeria elegans, in bloom. Now how in the world did it get in that pot? 
I've had a very poor history of germinating, growing, blooming this species 
and doubted I had any left. The orange and yellow one that I thought was so 
pretty hasn't to my knowledge bloomed again and if it is still with me it 
is in one of my raised beds. I've never flowered one that looked like this 
one either.


Moraea elegans (syn. Homeria elegans) is a member of the Homeria group with 
a habitat on clay slopes in the southwestern Cape, blooming late winter, 
early spring. It is a very striking species, but one I have found hard to 
keep going in cultivation. Photos by Mary Sue Ittner of two different color 

Mary Sue

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