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Floral Architecture floralartistry2000@yahoo.com
Sat, 12 Feb 2005 16:54:35 PST
Here in CA a lot is happening. I am in Pebble Beach at the moment and there are a few little things popping up in various gardens that I have seen. 

There is a small plant that looks like a tiny little narcissus but with traffic, I have not been able to get out and take a closer look. 
I also saw a beautiful purple iris. It was about 12" tall on thin stems and looked like a thin German iris crossed with a reticulata. I only saw the one but will now keep my eyes open for more. I hope Mon that the traffic will be gone and I can get back in there and take a closer look. 

I have seen quite a few large clumps of Chasmanths in private gardens (and of course callas) but there are relatively few bulbs that I have noticed other than that. 
There was one house with a small clump of Watsonia, a few clivia clumps here and there and some various narcissus at gas stations. 

I stopped at a fwe nurseries in Carmel Valley and bulbs are rather void (other than the benches full of cyclamen for bedding). The bulbs that they did have for sale were 6" pots of hyacinths, daffs, Scilla peruviana, tulips (in 6 packs at Longs Drugs), and and a few 1G of Watsonias. 

The majority of plants for sale here sem to be a HUGE selection of flowering shrubs. They have Hebes, Heather, rosemary, pea shrub, genista (gone wild), westringia, and tons of grevillia and other Australian/New Zealand shrubs. 

One note of suprise is that I found yellow Clivia at one nursery. They had 2 gallons for sale in bloom. The interesting thing is that they were from San Marcos in Santa Barbara (4+ hrs away) not Monterey Bay/Joe Solomone (less than an hour away). Oh well. The SM Yellow is a really nice yellow. I sometimes prefer it to Joe's plants as the leaves are broader and the blooms consistantly have afternoon fragrance. But that is my preference. Now Joe's oranges are killer. full round and gorgeous. 

I'll report back after Mon if I find more interesting things. 


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