Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 03 Feb 2005 17:29:54 PST
Hi everyone,

We are having some serious difficulties with vandalism on the wiki. Jay and 
I have been working to keep on top of it. We also have the help of a very 
kind man who is not part of our group, but a wiki expert, who is giving us 
technical support. We are experimenting with a number of fixes and I 
suggest that until we settle on something that works, you may find that you 
are unable to upload files or edit pages. So it may be best to wait until 
we have sorted this out to make changes.

I discovered this page today that we have not linked, but some of you may 
find interesting if you have a browser that can store your preferences in 
I think this will mostly be of interest to some of our members from other 
countries. You can set the language so that the instructions are in six 
other languages besides English. The pages will continue to have text in 

You can also change how the wiki looks if you don't like the theme that we 
wiki workers have settled on (Hawaiian, but we've modified that a bit). And 
it looks like you could ask for email alerts if some of your favorite pages 
have changed. I haven't tried that one yet.

Let me know privately if after looking at this page you think it would be 
useful to link it to our home page.

Thanks for your patience.

Mary Sue

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