Drainage in tree pots

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>Thanks, must admit, when I decided to look into this today, I was dealing 
>small fruit trees.  Different case.  I agree that the bulbs don't have that
>problem and I didn't think about that.
>A lot of people on this group do have other plants and or nurseries or
>botanical garden connections so hopefully somebody would benefit from 
>knowing about
>this.  Myself, I get most of my hundreds of pots from a nursery that 
>them and lets you can pick them up from their back gate for free.

Hi Carolyn:

These "air pruning" pots are extremely useful for growing trees and shrubs 
and in them you can have the plants potted for far longer than in ordinary 
pots. Otherwise you have to plan transplanting them to the ground earlier to 
avoid the root curling.. Besides they are made of a special sturdy UV 
resistant plastic that last for many, many years. There is another more 
common model in which the pots' sides look like open window shades.
Best wishes

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