Native jonquil - Proiphys cunninghamii (plants or seed request)

Paul Tyerman
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 13:51:35 PST
At 03:44  23/02/05, you wrote:
>is this the same plant as Eurycles cunninghamii or
>Proiphys amboinensis?


Eurycles is a synonym of Proiphys, but P. cunninghamii and P. amboinensis 
are definitely different to each other.  The P. cunninghamii to my way of 
thinking is a neater, more organised flowerhead with smaller flowers and 
looking much more like a "Jonquil" in a lot of ways.  The P. amboinensis 
has much larger flowers and is more spectacular but I found that the flower 
head looks much looser (in the ones I have seen anyway) and despite the 
larger flowers it is not as nice to me.  There was some minor differences 
in the leaves as well.  These observations were made recently at the 
Australian National Botanic Gardens here in Canberra, Australia where they 
grow them in a heated glasshouse.


Paul Tyerman
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