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John Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Mon, 21 Feb 2005 14:39:47 PST
I have just added 144 new images to my web site
(http://www.edgewoodgardens.net/).  There is something of interest to members
of all the lists included in the distribution, hence the cross posting.  For
example the new (to me) Adonis amurensis cultivars are just stunning
e\Adonis) - and more to follow.  Most of the taxa are represented by
multiple images, often of different forms.  They were taken in the garden
here over the past couple of months.  As requested, I have included below a
simple list of the plants featured, to allow them to be searchable in
archives.  The new images have been incorporated into the correct sections
of the Plant Galleries and can also be found using the 'Search' or 'What's
New' functions on each page of the album.  
In addition to the new images, I have also uploaded a list of surplus
Cyclamen which can be ordered now for shipping in late July and August 2005

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Adonis amurensis Chichibubeni 
Adonis amurensis Genshu Fukujuso 
Adonis amurensis Shiun  
Adonis amurensis Titibushinkou   
Colchicum munzurense 
Corydalis schanginii ssp. ainae 
Corydalis schanginii ssp. ainae x schanginii ssp. schanginii 
Crocus alatavicus AK98 Kazakhstan 
Crocus ancyrensis LB492 Dedelev Turkey 
Crocus antalyensis LB449 
Crocus biflorus ssp. alexandri HS Drama Greece 
Crocus biflorus ssp. biflorus MO9528 Bari Italy 
Crocus biflorus ssp. biflorus PB109
Crocus biflorus ssp. stridii Cortiatis Vill. Thessalonika Macedonia 
Crocus chrysanthus S0237
Crocus corsicus 
Crocus etruscus Rosalind 
Crocus korolkowii Lucky Number  
Crocus korolkowii Mountains Glory 
Crocus korolkowii Spring Cocktail 
Crocus kosaninii 
Crocus leitchlinii KPPZ9
Crocus olivieri ssp. olivieri LB437 S of L Abant 
Crocus olivieri ssp. olivieri KV11-A 
Crocus Prince Klaus 
Crocus sieberi KKK24 Mt Divfys 
Crocus sieberi ssp. atticus KKK26 Mt Oci Evvia 
Crocus sieberi ssp. sublimis SBL399 Mt Smolikas Greece 
Crocus sp. 2 (ID help appreciated)
Cyclamen alpinum (trochopteranthum) 
Cyclamen alpinum (trochopteranthum) var. leucanthum 
Cyclamen coum ssp. coum 
Cyclamen coum ssp. coum f. albissimum ex Hornig 
Cyclamen coum ssp. coum f. albissimum George Bisson 
Cyclamen elegans 
Cyclamen libanoticum 
Cyclamen libanoticum x cyprium 
Cyclamen persicum 
Cyclamen x wellensiekii 
Eranthis Noll Ayers 
Fritillaria affinis California pale form 
Fritillaria carica ssp. serpenticola 
Fritillaria karelinii Uzbekistan 
Fritillaria stenanthera 
Fritillaria stenanthera Kazakhstan 
Galanthus sandersii 
Hammamelis Dianne 
Hammamelis Feuerzauber
Ipheion recurvifolium 
Narcissus cantabricus ssp. eualbidus SBL538 
Narcissus cantabricus ssp. monophyllus BS457 
Narcissus cantabricus ssp. monophyllus SBL544 
Narcissus cordubensis MS434 
Tecophilea cyanocrocus Storm Cloud 
Tecophilea cyanocrocus var. violacea

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