Osmani Baullosa
Tue, 01 Feb 2005 06:42:18 PST
Hello all, my name is Osmani Baullosa. I am 32 years old and live in the city of Santiago, Chile, South America.
I keep a bulb garden with Chilean species mostly. My biggest interest is to move to a place where I can make my collection grow. And do any possible effort to keep most of the endemic and endangered species I grow (at least) a little safer from the devastation... the same devastion other plants, surely those from your own countries too, are suffering.
The difference between developed and developing countries, like Chile, is that in this last case we prioritize economical goals, forgetting most of the time the importance of our natural patrimony. Concerning on bulbs, Chile is regarded by many as the second country, after South Africa, with the major quantity of bulbous species. 
I don´t want to start by breaking any of of PBS rules. It´s a community I respect very much, and makes me feel proud participating in this forum. There is much we can share and some of you probably knows about me. 
I just would like to tell every one ('cause this message is already too long) I have a catalogue of Chilean bulb seeds available this season. If there´s anyone interested, please write to me privately (to and I will happily send it. 
Thanks a lot for your attention.
Osmani Baullosa

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