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I am having a problem with deer invading our Botanical garden during the 
summer months and would like information/advice on supplies,height of 
Don't want to use metal fencing and cost is a real concern.
Norman Mayer
San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden,Ca.

I have had a problem with deer and bear getting in my orchard for years.
For the deer any fence of 8 feet or more in height will keep them out 
but the bear will just walk right through it unless there is an electric 
wire at nose height. (about 3 feet).
I have heard that the state of PA has developed an electric fence that 
will keep out both cheaply.
As I remember they put up a double electric fence about 4 to 5 feet 
apart. The outside fence is 2 wires, one at 18 inches and another at 38 
inches. The inner fence is a single wire at 36 inches. The theory is 
that deer do not have good depth perception and can not judge how far 
away the inner fence is and will not try the jump.
Contact the PA agriculture dept for specific instructions.
Sam Franc

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