Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 04 Feb 2005 21:15:20 PST
Dear All,

I apologize for posting the User Preferences page for the wiki to the list. 
I can get it to work when I access it as an administrator, but not 
otherwise. I thought it was something that everyone can use as other wikis 
I've investigated do let you change how they look to the way you want, but 
I can't get it to work on ours.

It is possible to upload pictures to the wiki again. It wasn't working 
yesterday. We ask you to limit the size to 100kb or less. We are now 
allowing .png pictures if any of you are saving them that way and .gif for 
drawings if anyone has drawings of their plants they want to add.

I considered after yesterday when someone corrupted 288 of our wiki pages 
and added a lot of new ones that weren't relevant setting the wiki up so 
passwords of our choice would be required, but with our wiki software that 
would be cumbersome and difficult and I expect it would discourage 
participation. I for one hate having to remember multiple passwords and 
suspect others do as well. So it seems our best bet is just to back our 
wiki up daily and to restore from our backups when we are attacked. If you 
see something weird you can email me, but Jay or I will be monitoring it at 
least once a day and I'll be continuing to remove strange pictures that are 
added as well.

We are asking you to sign in to edit a page. This is really easy to do. You 
just write your name as one word. So Jim you'd just sign in as JimShields. 
That is how most of us who have wiki pages write our names when we edit a 
page as that creates a link to our personal wiki page. You do not need a 
password. Once you have signed in to edit you just hit the edit button of 
the page you want to add to, write your text, and save. It really isn't 
difficult. I hope Jim (Shields) you will add to our wiki as you have such a 
lot of knowledge and great pictures. And if you made a wiki page for 
yourself you could link it to all the great resources you have on your web 

No one needs to sign in to look at the wiki.

Things seem to be stable and working again so those people who want to add 
to the wiki are welcome to do so.

Doug Westfall added a picture of his Paramongaia which is in bloom right 
before our attack and it has been restored. The plant I got from Bill Dijk 
when he visited the USA in Pasadena insists on growing on a winter schedule 
even though Alberto says it should be a summer grower and I tried to 
encourage it by watering it accordingly. I've not been as fortunate as Doug 
and Lee getting mine to bloom, but it has huge leaves and seems to be 
getting bigger so maybe some day. I am growing it as Diana Chapman 
suggested in two pots with the bottom cut out of one so the combined pot is 
very deep. It looks a little silly, but seems to work.…

Mary Sue

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