Ref Scilla Peruviana

Jane McGary
Mon, 14 Feb 2005 09:33:01 PST
Bill Lee asked,
>About three years ago I bought a pot of Scilla Peruviana at the local grocery
>store, in full bloom. When it was spent, I treated it like forced
>daffodils--let it dry, foliage fall and decompose, then knocked it out of 
>the pot and
>planted the bulb out. I put it in a shady protected spot near the house.
>Every year since it has thrown up foliage in the late fall, but never
>bloomed. I really expected it to be too tender for my Z5a-6a zone.
>Any advice on getting it to bloom? It should probably be getting more sun,
>shouldn't it?

I grow it outdoors too where the winter lows vary between 0 and 20 F, and I 
find that it flowers only after the warmer winters. Mine are in half shade 
on a raised bed but would be better in full sun. Perhaps cold winters 
freeze the buds as they form?

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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