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Osmani Baullosa
Thu, 17 Feb 2005 04:12:09 PST
Dear Mary Sue and Arnold, thanks for uploading this pics. It´s still some difficult for me to do it by myself. But, I expect to learn sooner thar later. 
I took both pictures, of Phycella and Olsynium, the same day, on last August 2004. They are among the first bulbous plants to bloom in Chile.
About Olsynium:
The common name of this plants in Chile is "Huilmo".
It´s a genera of perennial rhizomatous plants that grow mainly on hill sides and sunny positions. They are distributed from II to IX Region (province) of Chile, and up to 3.200 m over sea level.
They are autumn, winter and spring growers, dormant in summer. The flowers are very little, about 1 cm, though very numerous, and may be white, pink or lilac. They appear from the end of winter to end of spring, depending on the species. Grown from seed, they can start to bloom from the first year. 
Some Chilean native species:
Olsynium philippii (Klatt) Goldblatt
Olsynium scirpoideum (Poepp.) Golblatt
Olsynium junceum (E. Mey. ex Presl) Goldblatt 
About Phycella:
The taxonomy of these species is not well determined. There are, supposingly, 3 species:
Phycella ignea (Lindl.) Lindl. It was formerly known as Amaryllis ignea Lindl., Bot. Reg. 10, pl. 809, 1824. That´s why I prefer to call it this way, instead of Phycella bicolor. Besides, there is another species in Peru, described as Phycella  bicolor (R. et P.) Lindl., formerly Amaryllis bicolor R. et P., Fl. Perú et Chil., 3: 57, 1802. Some botanists consider they grow too distantly one from the other, to be considered as the same species. 
Phycella scarlatina Rav. 
Phycella australis (very similar to Ph. ignea)  
Phycella angustifolia Phil. This would be the only summer blooming species in its genera. Endemic to Region Metropolitana (Where the city of Santiago is located) It has the narrowest leaves. 
Hope to have been of some help.
Thanks again and Regards,
Osmani Baullosa

Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:

It is nice for Arnold to help Osmani Balluosa with the wiki. I added some 
pictures for Osmani earlier of Childanthus:…

and his wiki page is found at…

It's great to have another South American member adding pictures of his 
native flora to our wiki. Hopefully he tells us a little about his pictures 
too. Can you tell us Osmani anything about the Olsynium in your picture?

I added a little information to the Phycella page about his plant from his 
catalog. Is Phycella bicolor an old name and Phycella ignea the name most 
people use? I looked it up in IPNI, but couldn't quite figure it out since 
the reference said both names = Hippeastrum bicolor.


Mary Sue 

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