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Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 24 Feb 2005 20:26:46 PST

A week or more ago I made a Thysanotus wiki page. This is a genus I enjoyed 
seeing in the wild in Australia. I have tried to grow two different species 
propagated by Diana Chapman at Telos and kept one of them alive for several 
years (and two different seasons) of bloom. It hasn't returned this year 
however. The other I managed to kill before it bloomed.…

I have added Cameron McMaster's picture of Apodolirion macowanii. 
Apodolirion looks a lot like Gethyllis.…

I have so many bulbs blooming at the moment (I think I counted more than 
200 pots and many things blooming in the ground too), but have especially 
been enjoying my ever expanding collection of Romuleas. They are so bright 
and cheerful on those days when we have sunny warm weather (obviously they 
don't choose to open every day.) I have added some improved close-up 
pictures of Romulea sabulosa which I continue to think of as one of the 
most gorgeous flowers in my collection, a new species, Romulea monticola, a 
smaller yellow variety, and a picture of a lot of Romulea diversiformis 
that were blooming at once and rather dazzling I thought (if you like 
yellow and I do).…

 From Jane McGary this year I had in bloom one she called Romulea crocea, a 
form of Romulea bulbocodium from Turkey and Syria. It also is yellow and 
was long blooming, with very short flowers.…

I've been meaning to add some pictures of Lachenalia carnosa. I believe 
this is the species that we saw in Namaqualand in the fading light that Rod 
and Rachel Saunders had me running all over to see different specimens to 
find the very best. In spite of it being from dry hot Namaqualand I have 
had good luck growing it in winter wet cooler Northern California. Every 
year the bulbs seem to get bigger. One of them this year in a container 
overshadowed everything else and I think it would have been happy being the 
only plant in the pot. I love watching the flowers unfold. The leaves are 
really beautiful and the buds are too in various stages. This is definitely 
one to grow under cover however as the leaves get ruined with heavy rain 
and hail.
Mine are grown outside on benches open at the sides, but with a cover to 
shield some of the worst of the elements. Some rain still blows in.…

Finally I noticed today that the man who has spent hours and hours helping 
me fix bugs in our wiki and getting things to work much better so we can 
protect our work from outside vandals has made a wiki page.…

He has developed the software for one of the wikis that is creating an 
encyclopedia. Some of you might be interested in looking at the links to 
his pages on his other wikis and learning all about him. He responded to my 
plea for help on the ibiblio forum and has done all this work for us out of 
kindness. He doesn't give up which has been lucky for us since fixing some 
of the problems hasn't been easy.

It is now necessary to sign in to upload pictures as well as to edit pages. 
If you forget, you will be reminded. Just sign in using your name 
(capitalized) written as one word. You will need to use at least two words 
written together. I can sign in as MarySue or MarySueIttner for example.

Mary Sue 

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