wild onions/Italian cooking

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Sat, 26 Feb 2005 15:27:34 PST
It's Muscari comosum, but I have never taste it.
Alberto Grossi

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> When not gardening, I read gardening books. Alternatively I cook, and read
> cookery books. In "Italian Slow and Savory" the author writes:
>     Lampascioni are the slightly bitter hyacinth bulbs so popular in Apulia.
>     They are a type of onion, once only wild and now cultivated as well, but
>     are perhaps an acquired taste, and must be soaked to remove some of
>     their bitterness before using.
> She goes on to say that it is unlikely that lampascioni would be found
> outside southern Italy, so she suggests using cipollini in a
> delicious-reading recipe for sausage, potato, and wild onion casserole.
> Do any of you know anything more about this bulb? I hesitate to call it
> onion in case it is a hyacinth. What's its Latin name, what does it taste
> like, how have you cooked it, does it have an attractive flower, how can I
> get some to grow/eat?
> Judy in snow-covered New Jersey, where gardening is an indoor occupation at
> this time
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Alberto Grossi

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