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Alberto Castillo
Mon, 14 Feb 2005 10:20:34 PST

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>Bill Lee asked,
>>About three years ago I bought a pot of Scilla Peruviana at the local 
>>store, in full bloom. When it was spent, I treated it like forced
>>daffodils--let it dry, foliage fall and decompose, then knocked it out of 
>>the pot and
>>planted the bulb out. I put it in a shady protected spot near the house.
>>Every year since it has thrown up foliage in the late fall, but never
>>bloomed. I really expected it to be too tender for my Z5a-6a zone.
>>Any advice on getting it to bloom? It should probably be getting more sun,
>>shouldn't it?
>I grow it outdoors too where the winter lows vary between 0 and 20 F, and I 
>find that it flowers only after the warmer winters. Mine are in half shade 
>on a raised bed but would be better in full sun. Perhaps cold winters 
>freeze the buds as they form?
>Jane McGary
>Northwestern Oregon, USA

Scilla peruviana is among the very few bulbs that survive in a year round 
rainfall region without rotting while dormant. As a matter of fact, it seems 
to favour what can be called seasonal pools in the wild. The problem is that 
it has perennial roots as a Lilium or an amaryllid hence lifting and drying 
it in summer means an extra waste of energy required to replace the dried 
off root system. And Jane yes cold kills the buds before they emerge. It is 
an excellent garden plant in zones 9 to 10 and does not seem bothered by 
slight frosts. It can also grow well in clay based soils.

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