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Lee & Scott Gerow
Wed, 09 Feb 2005 10:45:47 PST
Hello Hans,

Odyssey Bulbs ships to Canada and last year they
had. G. James Backhouse and G. S. Arnott.
I have not ordered from that as of yet-but will this year..

Also, Canadian Gardening Mag. March 2005 had an article
Magnificent obsession, Snowdrops.
or enquiries

This article was about Dr. Richard Hebdas' passion for Snowdrops.
He is the curator of botany and earth history at Victoria's
Royal British Columbia Museum, and adjunct associate professor in the
department of biology at the University of Victoria. (quote from magazene)

Apparently Dr. Hebda sells his extra bulbs of both Colchicum and galanthus
to garden centres in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.
No mention of the names of the these centres. Perhaps you know of him or the
garden centres mentioned.
I will pursue that info as best I can and will let you know if I am 

I  would love to have a few more of these 'lil darlins' around my garden and
would also appreciate sources for them..

I too thank you in advance.
Ronnalee, in Wiarton ,Ontario. Zone 5a/5b

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> Hi Bulbplantfriends ,
> I have with the help of Mary Sue add 2 new pictures from my holidays last
> year in June in the french alps .
> Please look :
> Has anyone a suggestion for me for a source of snowdrops
> ( Galanthus ) in northern America and Canada ( special British Colombia ),
> from there comes some interesting cultivars . Also I'm glad about sources
> from Australia and Tasmania . Thanks in advance .
> Greetings
> Hans
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