Nothoscordum inodorum
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There are two very weedy species, N. inodorum and N. bivalve.  Nothoscordum 
inodorum is intensely fragrant, almost obnoxiously so.  Perhaps what you have 
is bivalve.  I have a single pot of inodorum, which throws up an occassional 
flower, and a pot of a rare pink-flowered form of bivalve, which has never 
flowered and is dwindling.  It's funny, because when I lived in Seattle, Washington 
(Pacific Northwest USA), not too far from British Columbia, Canada,  there 
were a whole host of plants that I'd never consider to be weedy invaders back in 
much-colder New England (Massachusetts), but were indeed very weedy there 
given the 2-3 incremental drop in cold severity.  There are a whole bunch of 
plants that I could name in my New England garden that are much more insidiously 
invasive than N. inodorum.  It's a plant that's not worth defending, even in 
it's highly perfumed flowers, because the stems are tall and lanky, the flowers 
small and not showy, and the plant is otherwise not very attractive, that it 
should be shunned and better plants should be grown.

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