winter activity

Jane McGary
Sat, 29 Jan 2005 15:30:17 PST
Arnold wrote,
>With the snow covering the ground and only a couple  of South African 
>bulbs flowering it is the time to do a little research into bulbs.
>I had acquired a colchicum szovitsii 'Vardaovit'.  Well I searched for the 
>place know as Vardaovit and couldn't find it.  The correct name  is 
>Vardahovit located in Armenia.
>Do you think that the catalogs will be corrected next year?

Place names in lists from the area formerly controlled by Russia (such as 
Latvia, whence this Colchicum comes to us) are often spelled differently 
than the forms in English-language reference books because they've been 
transliterated from Cyrillic alphabet references.

Jane McGary

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