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Fri, 31 Dec 2004 21:50:26 PST
At 10:10 AM -0800 12/30/04, John Bryan wrote:
>pots? An insulating cover, if you will. Perhaps lining the inside of a
>container with some sort of insulation may be an advantage in SOME
>cases. Much like plunging the pot, but less work!

**As I mentioned once before, I read the suggestions somewhere in an 
English garden publication to line the insides of terra cotta pots 
with bubble wrap. Just the sides, of course, not the very bottom. I 
have been doing this in all my larger pots, terra cotta, wood, etc. 
and won't really know much until next year. I initially lined them to 
conserve on water in the summers here, even in cooler NoCal.

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