Alternate to N. inodorum

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 10 Jan 2005 20:34:45 PST
At 06:48 PM 1/10/2005, you wrote:
>I now MUST get my hands on some of this T.s. Alba. I NEED fragrance in the
>G-house! Does anyone have any to trade? Contact me separately. I know that
>Paul Christian is offering it but the delivery cost for a few bulbs is over
>$30.00 alone.

I did a Google search on the following phrase:   "Tulbaghia simmleri" catalog

(with the double quotes exactly as shown) and it came back with several 
hits.  The first one is Odyssey Bulbs in Michigan, and they have the alba 
form in stock.  You can get 10 bulbs for $24.

I didn't check out any of the other nurseries that Google came back with, 
but you might find something else nice.  (You can sometimes get better 
results substituting the word 'nursery' for 'catalog', and then 
re-Google-ing it.)

Dennis in Cincinnati

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