Tuberous orchids

Fri, 28 Jan 2005 10:28:41 PST
hi all,

years ago i was a much bigger orchid grower than
nowadays.  a south african grower and nursery owner,
karsten woodrick, came to speak at an event and sell
plants and i bought a nice Satyirum species native to
south africa.  either it was not identified or
described or i've forgotten the species name but it
grew nicely.  unfort. before it got to bloom, a devil
squirrel climbed into my apt. from the window and ate
the plant!  of course i've never been able to replace
it and i still don't know what the flowers would have
looked like.  i've always been interested in
terrestrial orchids (although i'm not totally clear
they are "bulbs) as they would make great companions
to gesneriads, begonias and ferns that i grow indoors,
and they usually have beautiful foliage.  i've tried
several rainforest genera including Macodes,
Anoectochilus, Nephelaphyllum, Tainia, Malaxis,
Sarcoila, etc. but they are not easy to grow. 
currently my only one is Pelexia laxa, from colombia,
besides Ludisia discolor, which everyone seems to

tsuh yang

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