Matt Mattus mmattus@charter.net
Sun, 16 Jan 2005 12:28:05 PST
Well, perhaps my Oxalis herrerae miss identified also, It looks similar to
the image on Glasshouse works, but then again, it is not a very clear image.
I bought my original  plant from Logee's Greenhouses.

Matt Mattus
Worcester, Massachusetts
Zone 5b

On 1/16/05 1:30 PM, "Matt Mattus" <mmattus@charter.net> wrote:

> My Oxalis herrerae looks quite different depending on the season at which
> you view it. 
> In the winter, it is kept in a cool, dry greenhouse, and the plant becomes
> very succulent, and even semi-dormant. It almost appears to lose most of the
> foliage yet actually they just reduce in size and become more succulent,
> with the petiole swelling with water, which look strage, very much like
> samll woody shrubs with tiny pickles. Very interesting.
> During the spring, as the house warms up and watering resumes, the entire
> character of the plant changes. The new growth becomes very oxalis-like,
> green with reddish tints, and the foliage becomes more like most other
> oxalis. 
> Regards
> Matt Mattus
> Zone 5b, Snowing today.
> On 1/15/05 9:31 PM, "Alberto Castillo" <ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi John.
>> The image is of O. succulenta that can grow into huge specimens. Time ago
>> someone sent an image of O. herrerae to pbs under the wrong name O. herrei.
>> O. herrerae has a distinct "bulb" and is frost sensitive. In fact frost
>> killed the tenths of plants  I had in many pots.
>> Regards
>> Alberto in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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