Mystery Image--South American bulb

Alberto Castillo
Fri, 07 Jan 2005 09:20:20 PST

>From: Mary Sue Ittner <>
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>Subject: [pbs] Mystery Image--South American bulb
>Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 08:05:10 -0800
>Hi everyone,
>Hans Joschko sent a number of us an image scanned from a postcard of a 
>group of flowering plants I believe from Chile. I have uploaded the file, 
>but am not going to put the picture on the Mystery Page because I don't 
>have permission from the photographer to use this picture. I am adding it 
>briefly just so people can look at it and give Hans a guess about what it 
>could be and then I will remove it. My guess (and I don't grow many of 
>these) is a Rhodophiala. It looks like am Amaryllid of some kind anyway and 
>the photo is really nice so I can see how it ended up on a postcard. Is 
>that a snake or a stick in the picture? Hopefully some of our South 
>American members will help him with this one or anyone who might be growing 
>this plant.
>Mary Sue

Hi Mary Sue:
Yes, the  image is of a Rhodophiala.The one found at the Atacama desert is 
R. bagnoldii although it seems there is some variation within it. It is 
possible to find plants with fewer flowers of a lighter yellow and  more 
blunt tipped. I grow this in a 5 gallon container in a mix of grit and 
perlite and it grows pretty well with very little water.

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