Veltheimia broken basal disk

Wed, 05 Jan 2005 13:48:48 PST
hi john,

i haven't checked the bottom part that is buried. 
when i broke off the bulb, i didn't separate the
different layers or scales.  what's amazing is that
the bulb remained evergreen during the process.  i
find that Veltheimias tend to produce side bulbs quite
prolifically.  i'm happy that this bulb has rooted as
i quite often break bulbs when trying to separate
them.  i now know not to do it until the bulbs get
quite big before separating them.

tsuh yang

--- John Bryan <> wrote:
> That the broken Veltheima rooted is not surprising,
> as what you have
> accomplished is propagated it by scaling, i.e. basal
> portions of the
> leaves have rooted. Did you check to see if this is
> so? If it is you
> might well be able to separate the 'scales' and end
> up with numerous
> plants. 
> Regarding the basal disk, which you say has not done
> a thing, I doubt if
> you will get new growth, but you might try giving
> warmer temperatures,
> bottom heat would be best, and putting the disc at
> or even just above
> the soil, a very sandy mix would be best. Making a
> couple of notches in
> the disc might promote the production of growth.

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