For PBS Wiki Users

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 07 Jan 2005 08:19:12 PST
Dear Wiki users or potential users,

Jay and I have been having to spend time removing information from the wiki 
that vandals are adding so I am now asking everyone to Sign In when you use 
the wiki (bottom right hand side). Using your last name would be a help 
since I'd figure out who you are from that, but if you want to use another 
name, I'd appreciate your telling me what name you are using. Write me this 
information privately. This name will be next to your changes in the Recent 
Changes or Recent Edits that I regularly check and it will help me know who 
to contact if I have questions. I am hoping this step will give Jay and me 
more time to do something more productive than restoring pages that have 
information on them that is not relevant and removing new bogus pages.


Mary Sue

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