Eastern Cape Bulbs

Robert Hamilton roberth6@mac.com
Sat, 15 Jan 2005 18:27:49 PST
Hi  all,

I would   like  to  " second"  Mary Sue's  review of  the  Eastern Cape 
  Bulbs  CD. The  images  are   fabulous  and  the  articles extremely 

While  I  dont live in a  true  Mediterranean  climate because  we  get 
   some  summer  rainfall , it  still gets  very  dry here through  
summer.  Despite this  I  have  found  that many  bulbs  from the  
summer  rainfall  area  do  very  well as  garden plants.

My  impression  is  that  even in their native  habitat they  probably  
have to  tolerate  long  periods  of   dry  summer  at  times  so  are  
well  adapted to  areas  which  dont  get a  lot  of  summer rainfall. 
For  me   they  also  seem to  tolerate  the winter  wet  that  they  
dont  get  in their  native  climate.

Genera  which  do   well as  garden  plants include  Boophone, 
Brunsvigia , Dierama , Eucomis  and    Moraea.


Rob  in Tasmania

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