Oxalis (succulenta & herrerae)

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Sat, 15 Jan 2005 13:49:02 PST
I take it back, look at the picture of O. herrerae at


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Hello every one !

I am John, new here; living in Champagne (France) please forgive me for my
poor English speaking.

I'm fond of succulents (mostly caudiciforms) but I love almost exotic
plants. ;o)

Here is my question:

I've got the plant on the picture (…
1.jpg ) from the Belgium botanical garden. They told it's Oxalis succulenta
(synonym Oxalis herrerae)

I can found on many sources that they are synonym, but on the ipni site for
example they are not synonyms. And if I search on Google, I can find two
different plants under these two different names, but mixed! I can't figure
what is the good one!

Is there anyone able to help me please?

Thanks in advance,


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